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Our Culture

Our company culture is built on a set of values and behaviors that govern DKS Financial Strategies. We believe culture is important because it builds trust, consistency, and sets expectations – for our team and our clients. We hire, train, and reward based on these values, so they should be present in your interactions with any member of the DKS team.

DKS clients have our commitment that we will:

  • Be proactive. We’ll identify opportunities that could benefit your financial situations and proactively offer solutions you haven’t thought of. We’ll ask smart questions to understand your goals and circumstances, and we’ll take the initiative to explore any area that could help or hinder your financial success.
  • Act with integrity. We’ll be honest and always do what’s right for our clients. We’ll put your best interests first and won’t try to sell you products you don’t need.
  • Work as a team. We believe clients are best served when our team members and partners collaborate on their behalf. We’ll put egos aside to give you the best possible outcome, and we’ll work for results, not recognition. 
  • Strive to be the best part of your day. Finances can be stressful and overwhelming. We’ll be a calm, kind, reassuring partner in your corner, and we’ll strive to make sure everyone walks out of our door feeling more confident than when they walked in.

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