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Our Process

We Focus on Getting to Know You Well So That
We Can Customize a Plan Just for You

Our process is designed to ensure that your finances and financial decisions are aligned with your goals and values. We review every aspect of your financial life, identify areas of concerns and opportunities, and develop and implement solutions to address them.

Step 1 | 
Initial Phone Call

It starts with an Initial Phone Call, typically lasting no more than 30 minutes. During the call we learn more about each other and what you are looking for. We also outline our services and fee schedule. This call helps us mutually determine if it makes sense to meet in person.

Step 2 | 
Discovery Meeting

The next step is an in-person Discovery Meeting, typically lasting 90 minutes. We ask that you gather some information to bring to this meeting. During the meeting we conduct an in-depth review of your goals and financial resources.

Step 3 | 
Financial Assessment

After the discovery meeting, we analyze our learnings and develop a Financial Assessment. In the assessment we define any gaps we see in your finances and discuss your options to address them.

Step 4 | 
Solution Meeting

We then get back together for a Solution Meeting, where we present our findings and recommended solutions. By the end of this meeting, we determine a clear list of what needs to be done (action items), and the next steps in working together.

Step 5 | 
Execution and Regular Meetings

From there we move to implementing the agreed-upon action items and provide updates on our progress. We also set periodic meetings, where we review what is new in your life that may impact your financial plan, and monitor and adjust as necessary.

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