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Doug Salaway, JD, MBA, CFP®

Doug Salaway, JD, MBA, CFP®

Founder and Financial Advisor

Personal finance, tax planning, and investing are passions of mine, and as a financial advisor and the founder of DKS Financial Strategies I am thrilled to be able to work directly with our clients to help them achieve their goals. My work in financial planning is a culmination of a lifetime of personal and professional experiences that are well suited to help those with more complex needs, particularly retirees and those nearing retirement, business owners looking to sell their businesses, and attorneys.

Experience – I started my career as a business attorney with a national law firm based in Kansas City. My areas of focus included tax, retirement planning, and mergers & acquisitions. A few years later I joined H&R Block and during a 12-year corporate career held executive roles in law, operations, and business development. In 2011, my wife, Kim, and I became business owners and operated a large H&R Block franchise of 15 offices and 175 team members in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. During that time, we grew the tax business substantially, and also founded DKS Financial Strategies as a tax-focused financial planning firm. In 2022 we sold the tax preparation business to H&R Block so that we could focus our full efforts on DKS Financial Strategies.

Early Years - At an early age, I was introduced to investing and personal finance through my grandmother. She was a businesswoman in New York City. I remember vividly watching “Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser” on PBS with her each Friday evening.

Education - I graduated the University of Pennsylvania with my bachelor’s degree in Political Science and the University of Notre Dame with my MBA and JD. My favorite class in law school was Federal Income Tax and my favorite class in business school was Applied Investment Management, where I was one of a small group of students researching investments and managing a live stock portfolio.

Family – Kim and I live in Scottsdale and have four children: Rebecca, Katie, Matthew, and Grant. Our focus is our family and we enjoy traveling, hiking, gardening, and learning new things. My family motivates me and inspires me to be the best role model possible.